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Product design / Interior decorator
Sep 2010 – Present
As a designer, I use my skills to develop products, create interiors and help promote the image, services of businesses and private customers. Create window and in-store displays for retail shops and department stores. Print and pattern development wall decoration and textile. Client portfolio: Eye Candy, Connections Travel store, Xandres Antwerp, wewantmore.studio, Kidslab, Multicomm, GranDeco, zLabels

+ Research lifestyle and design trends + In-depth understanding of the client’s organisation, products, image, target market and home + Work within budget and meet deadlines + Have an eye for design and colour + Increase sales and buyer attention + Good communication and networking skills + Project management and planning

Co-Owner Stilleben Sweden, https://www.stilleben.nu/
Jan 2014 – May 2019
Gavleborg County, Sweden
Stilleben Sweden walks the path of ecotourism and believes in a sustainable approach. Involving local people for accommodation and activities, serving organic food and creating an inspiring environment close to Stockholm, with respect for nature.

As co-founding partner, I’ve taken a lead position in destination development to see first-hand our vision come to life. Our products, interiors, activities and marketing tools are adapted to reflect current trends while retaining our unique design, name and orientation.

+ Imagination + An eye for design, including colour, and good 3D awareness + An interest in changing trends 

+ Good drawing and IT skills + Lead position in project management + Work within budget to achieve the desired result + Branding and brand development + Experience with campaign, photography and shoots + Have excellent leadership, management and motivational skills (5-8 colleagues) + Networking skills

Assistant designer and supervisor credits
The Flemish Bandits • 2018 • Menuet bvba
The Exception • 2015 • Umedia
Dealing with all costume department staff and being the key contact for the Hair and Make-up, Art Departments and the Production Office. Drawing up and managing the departmental schedules.

+ Highly-organised and efficient, even when under pressure + Pay keen attention to detail and have the

self-confidence to point out any continuity errors + Have excellent leadership, management and motivational skills (4-12 colleagues) + Good communication and interpersonal skills + Understand research processes and know how to source information + Networking skills


Costumier and Wardrobe Supervisor credits
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken • 2013 • Umedia
The White Queen • 2013 • BBC
Danni Lowinski • 2011-2012 • Ded’s it
Costume standby main cast. Present on set as at all times to monitor the quality and continuity of the artists and other on-screen performers’ costumes before and during takes. Liaise with Director and other members of the crew on set. Maintain continuity.

+ Have good computer skills (Mac and PC) + Deal proactively with last-minute changes and external deadlines + Multitask + Project management.

BBC Trainee Scheme costume Dept. 2011
Apr 2011 – Aug 2011
Selected to join the BBC Trainee Scheme, a year long contract with the BBC, based on portfolio, costume design and practical exercises using costumes from stock.


Prop Maker
Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
Sep 2010 – Jun 2011
Active in props dept. for productions season ‘10-’11. Creating, adapting and modifying bought-in props and researching specialist props. 

+ Have a wide knowledge of the basics of prop making + Have good knowledge of computer design packages + Am able to work with a variety of different machinery and tools + Flexible and versatile. Able to work with imagination and ingenuity. Have good creative problem solving skills and am open to new ideas + Communication skills

Senior Product Designer / Studio manager
Multicomm nv
Apr 2006 – Sep 2010
Antwerp, Belgium
Print and pattern development wall decoration and textile. Liaise with managers and clients to discuss possible designs. Studio/staff management. Create ideas for patterns and transfer into digital format. Follow-up factories in regards to printing and production. Attend trade shows, create and oversee exhibition design.

+ Research lifestyle and design trends + Have an eye for design and colour + Increase sales and buyer attention + Good communication skills + Project management (6-12 colleagues)

Head of Studio
Demonstrate nv
Mar 2002 – Feb 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Overall layout and production design specialized in event marketing. Start-up creative studio and management staff. 

+ Understand the design elements of projects + Good communication and interpersonal skills + Develop an artistic approach and style in direct contact with clients + Ensure that the clients’ desired message and image is conveyed to consumers + Project management (2-4 colleagues)

Graphic Designer
Duval Guillaume Corporate
Aug 2001 – Feb 2002
Antwerp, Belgium

Overall layout design.

Graphic Designer
Oct 1998 – Jan 2001
Antwerp, Belgium

Overall layout design. 

2005 - 2009 Royal Academy of Arts, Theater costume design, Antwerp 
A 4 year course which includes training on conceptual textile design, including development and production skills.
1994 - 1998  PHIKO, Graphic Design & Publicity, Hasselt
A 4 year Master degree with focus on graphic design and typography.
1992 - 1994  PHAI, Architecture, Diepenbeek
A 2 year Bachelor Degree.

Excellent in Dutch, English
Fluent in Swedish, French
Notions of German

Adobe Creative Suite (Pro): Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Lightroom, Microsoft Office (Pro), AutoCad (basic), Vectorworks (basic)


Luc Heylen / Co-Owner / wewantmore.studio / luc@wewantmore.studio

Marlies Huybs / Design Manager / Multicomm Group / hello@marlieshuybs.be

Erlinde Peeters / Head of props / Opera Vlaanderen / erlinde@skynet.be